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What Is A Mail Order Bride Scam?

mail-order-bride-scamTechnology and the Internet have helped many industries to progress very rapidly, and one of those is the international dating industry.

In the past it was known as the "mail order bride" industry, but a new approach using modern technology has changed how it all works. Along with these incredible advancements comes a greater risk for people to take advantage.

A mail order bride scam occurs when a person, usually a woman, takes advantage of another person from a different country, usually a man, by pretending to be interested in a romantic relationship while really just planning ways to make financial gains. The scammer generally is a very attractive young woman who shows great interest in a man from America. She tells him how much she likes him and wants to be together, when in reality, she doesn't care for him at all.

There are common red flags to look for when it comes to a mail order bride scam, also known as an international dating scam. Always try to use a reputable international dating service, such as A Foreign Affair. Read their anti-scam policy and understand the ways they fight against foreign bride scams.

When using an agency, always use one with an address in the United States. Also look for a phone number where you can reach them, as well as an address. Call them up on the phone and talk with some of the employees to get a feel of the culture and professional nature of the company.

When you are communicating through email, be sure to keep your eyes open for red flags. Look for very impersonal messages that seem like they could have been written for anyone. Many times a scammer will avoid using your name because they are using a form letter sent to many other men as well.

If a woman ever asks for money before you have become close enough to feel comfortable with such a transaction, end the relationship. If a woman is truly interested in you as a person, she will not ask you for money. Also, avoid being tricked into sending money. She may say that she has the ability to come visit you, but all she needs is money for a plane ticket. Don't do it! Just to be safe, by your own ticket and fly to meet her. If you tell her about those plans and she disappears or ends the relationship, you know she was a mail order bride scammer and that you made the right decision.

Meeting and falling in love with someone from another country can be an incredibly amazing, fulfilling experience. But if you choose to meet people online, stay aware of the possible ways you can be take advantage of. If you pay attention to the common red flags of a mail order bride scam, you will avoid getting scammed and probably find someone very special.

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