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Finding Love AbroadThe allure of a foreign romance was infused into American culture long ago. Whether inspired by a romantic foreign film or an exotic love song, the excitement of a romantic relationship in a foreign land can be seen in many avenues of American culture.

Every year, thousands of Americans (usually men) travel to places like Asia, Latin America and Europe with the central goal of meeting the single women who live there and potentially falling in love. From there, many of them get engaged and work through what is called the “Fiancée Visa” process, allowing the newly engaged women to legally move to the United States. But why is finding love abroad such an appealing option for so many people?

Every person is different, but falling in love abroad can have many unique and interesting advantages. Obviously the cultural differences will be significant; depending on the person, however, the cultural differences can be a beautiful thing. As time goes by and you spend more and more time together, you will have the opportunity to share the one-of-a-kind traditions of your own distinctive cultures. Not only will you be exposed to new ways of celebrating and living life; you will be able to share the traditions that mean the most to you. This cultural diversity can go a long way in adding excitement and understanding to your relationship.

Technology has played a major role in regards to the increasing number of single men and women who are searching for love abroad. Twenty years ago, people did not have the technological ability to communicate with people in other countries to the extent we do currently. In 2012, you can meet a woman in Kiev, Ukraine, travel back to the United States, and continue the relationship through free online communications such as chatting, video chatting, and email. The lines of communication have expanded greatly due to the internet and the resulting online technologies we have at our fingertips instantly. It’s that expansion of communication that has increased the number of people travelling abroad in search for that special someone.

Another reason people are discovering love abroad is actually the way foreign men and women view American culture, and Americans themselves. Many people in other countries look at Americans as having significant family values and strong ethics. While it’s true that Americans tend to have more financial security, it is not the main reason foreign men and women are interested in dating Americans. They like the dedication to family, education, and religion as well. These family and cultural values are lacking in some foreign countries, and the people who live in those countries see American culture and would like to experience that for themselves.

Another reason people like the idea of finding love abroad is that they can date many different people without too much pressure. Whether you are travelling on your own or with a “romance tour” group, you will feel a greater sense of freedom when meeting the local singles in cities abroad. As opposed to dating your co-workers, neighbors, or friends of friends, dating abroad relieves some of the stress, allowing you to relax and truly take in a new culture and a new way of life. If it doesn’t work out, you won’t have to stress about running into him or her in the office kitchen, in the front yard, or at your friend’s house. Plus, the relaxation that comes hand-in-hand with an international vacation can make the dating experience that much more enjoyable.

People around the world have many different reasons for expanding their dating pool to countries abroad, but it always depends on the individual person. If you are the type of person who wants to explore, find adventure, take in new things and experience life to its fullest, searching for love abroad may just be your one-way ticket to romantic bliss.

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