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Foreign Bride 101
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Foreign Bride 101 international dating The leading how-to book for nice guys.

A must-read for anyone seriously considering looking for a foreign bride. International dating expert Bud Patterson removes the mystery of foreign dating and dating services, answering important questions such as:

  • How often do foreign women search for potential husbands over the internet?
  • How do International Marriage Agencies (IMA's) recruit women?
  • Do IMA's screen these women?
  • Why would women of such beauty and high quality join an international marriage agency?
  • Aren't most foreign women just after money or citizenship?
  • What do foreign women think of the men who seek them as wives?
  • Do foreign women believe all Americans are rich?
  • Are women who join IMA's only interested in wealthy men?
  • Are foreign women interested in only attractive men?
  • Are women of Russia and Ukraine interested in meeting Latin men and gentlemen of color?
  • Why do so many foreign women want to leave their country?


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59.95 - Deluxe Coil-Bound Color Edition (Plus $15 Shipping)
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