Your Mindset while on an AFA romance tour

Your Mindset while on an AFA romance tour

Hi Guys,

I have something important for you to consider, especially if you intend to travel with AFA for the first time (and you should). It has to do with the domestic dating circumstance that you have become conditioned to. In America there are slightly more men than women. The ladies therefore can be very selective. Unfortunately often the criteria have much to do with physical appearance or finances. I am not telling you anything new. We have all spent a lifetime under these conditions.

There is no way to prepare yourself for what you will experience on an AFA tour, no matter where choose to go. Think about it. How could you attend a nice social with a few dozen “wingmen” Where you will have a “carte blanche” opportunity to meet several hundred attractive women who are there to meet you in America? Exactly. There is no way to replicate what awaits you on an AFA tour.

I have seen the amazing reaction many times. An AFA social turns everything you have come to know on its head! Rather than an attractive girl here being the commodity eagerly sought after by every guy, now YOU are the commodity! Why?  Because of the ratio of course, but much more important is the motivation and intention of the dozens of beautiful girls you will have the opportunity to meet.

You see, what they seek is very rare in their home country. What you offer is a decent guy who will treat them right, be faithful and supportive for a lifetime of happiness. Our reputation precedes us fortunately. Foreign women know how special AFA clients are. So while attractiveness plays a role, it is not the most important thing. These “marriage minded” women are much more interested in your values.

Kevin Costner did three great baseball movies. The last one was “For the love of the game”. He plays a talented pitcher for Detroit who is at the end of his career. There is a final scene where he is facing a New York batter. To prepare he uses his concentration to block out the crowd and everyone except the job at hand – to pitch a perfect game. I’ll never forget what he says, “Clear the mechanism”. So here is my point. When you first go over you need to clear the mechanism. Leave all your domestic dating experiences behind. They no longer apply. Prepare for a very pleasant new paradigm.

However, here is the obvious trick. You have to make a decision and GO! Please don’t write endless letters. Save the money for an opportunity that will change your life. Many have. As always, I wish you the best.

Bob Wray

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