Why do Ukrainian girls look aboard? – A letter

Hi Guys,

Although this story could be from anywhere, including America, this one is very revealing. Understand that she is from Ukraine, where our domestic abuse laws do not apply. Read on and consider.

Bob Wray

I do not want to waste any time. I want to tell you very frankly about my unpleasant experience and my search for the here and now.

I had a relationship in which the man drank and beat.
I was naive and in love.
I was sure that he will change for me. It is normal for women, because each of us wants to be special, which will receive the key to the heart, and a marriage proposal. I was no exception.

But as time went on, the more my enthusiasm waned.
Years passed, but his habit to gather with friends turned into chronic. First, a couple of times a month, then every weekend.

Once I was in a bad mood and told him what I think: I want to get married, I want children, but it is not possible to do with infantile alcoholic. I’m tired of being submissive. He beat me …
I gathered my things and went to my parents.
He apologized, crawled on his knees, but I do not think back to hell on their own is a good idea. Although many of my girlfriends strikes are the norm not only in bed …

I am an ordinary woman with advantages and disadvantages, but my distinct characteristic – this is my sincerity. I prefer to tell the truth and do not want to spend more than a minute wasted. I want to enjoy life here and now, in real time, in the arms of a real man, to which will be interesting to spend time in bed with me than with friends and alcohol.

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