Wednesday Night Philippine Call – May 31st

The Wednesday Night AFA Philippine Call

Hi Guys,

If you are interested in the lovely ladies of the Philippines, you really need to dial in to this call. It is hosted by my paisan, Greg and his beautiful wife Glenda. Glenda is from the Philippines and these two offer a unique perspective on AFA romance and Club tours. They often dial in to the local office where Helen, the manager will present about four ladies that you can speak to. As an example here are the IDs of the ladies who were interviewed on the May 31st call.139854, 172209, 166436. Take a look at their profiles on and you will see what I mean.

What is attractive about Philippine girls is that almost all of them speak English. Also, age differences are not as big a concern as in other countries. The guys that travel to Davao or Cebu frequently come home engaged or nearly so. I have heard that the biggest problem you will face is which of the hundreds of girls you will meet, you will choose!

Even if you are interested in another AFA country, I recommend that you dial in to the call as it offers a unique opportunity to see and speak with beautiful ladies. Enjoy, but remember nothing will happen until you make a decision to get on a plane and travel to the country of your choice.

Bob Wray

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