Too many women to date!


Bud Patterson authored a great article for those of you still considering going on a romance tour. Here it is – read on and change your life for the better.

Bob Wray



Let’s face it, there’s a lot of mystery in international dating. There’s a lot of mystery in online dating and personals to begin with but in this realm we add the distance, cultural differences and language barriers. It’s no wonder traveling with a Romance Tour to meet beautiful foreign ladies in high number seems a bit daunting. Once the first few days in your host city are out of the way, however, and all the orientation and logistics stuff has been taken care of, it’ll be time to meet ladies – and we’re not talking a few. We’re talking hundreds!

You booked your tour, you got to your destination, got checked into your hotel comfortably, met the group, the tour leader and staff – and here you are about to walk into your first social singles party where the ratio of ladies to men will be somewhere around 8:1. No matter how many weeks or months of preparation you’ve put into this trip, no matter how well you paid attention at orientation there’s just no way to prepare yourself for the reality of being at a party with possibly hundreds of attractive international ladies and a much, MUCH smaller number of men. Still, you walked, looked around and can’t believe your eyes.

In the last newsletter, we talked about the likely scenario that a bunch of ladies would try to introduce themselves to you simultaneously at every social. That’s going to happen, there’s no doubt about it, but as I pointed out then – this is a good problem to have. The whole reason you’re doing a Romance Tour to begin with (or an Introduction Club for that matter) is to find the best available woman – not just any available woman – to fall in love, right? To do this, you’ll need to meet a good number of compatible ladies and that’s why AFA offers its men and women the social experience.

Typically, in every Romance Tour destination, guys will meet many ladies at the socials, go out on dates right after the socials and meet ladies in between socials as our staff fills each day with more and more dates. You can see where this is going, right? The average Romance Tour is 7 – 10 days long. The socials will occur right up front, starting on Day Two. By Day Three or Four, clients have been to a few socials, have met a number of compatible girls, and have had first and second dates. And as those first dates progress into second and third dates, each date gets longer and longer and inevitably – the seeds of romance are sown.

Keep in mind, in order to help tour clients succeed in their mission, AFA will add to your social success and fill your every day with a number of additional dates. How likely is it to quickly find yourself over-booked? Yep. But again, it’s a very good problem to have and just the problem you’ve paid AFA to create for you, right? So, when you find your schedule filling up with second, third and even more first dates – don’t panic. Don’t overreact. Don’t worry, just realize what your priorities are and focus on what you’re trying to accomplish. Date when it makes sense to and whom it makes sense to meet. Prioritize ladies who appear to be the most compatible for long-term harmony. Remember every date doesn’t have to belong and drawn out. Coffee dates are great. Cocktail dates are too.

Whatever you do please don’t cancel dates. I know this is tempting as you get deeper into the tour and you’re finding happiness with one or two you’ve already spent significant time with. Canceling dates, however, is humiliating for the women and frustrating for the staff. Ask for dates where you want them – and keep your commitment to each one. You never know where or when the most compatible girl of your tour will find you. Most foreign girls are friendly and all are interested and right for you on some level. Only after a number of introductions can you be sure you’re moving forward with the very best girl for your future. Now you know how Bon Jovi feels. Have fun with that.


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