Quid pro Quo

Quid pro Quo


A bit of Latin, however the phrase is often used in business. It means “this for that”. Let’s consider your effort to seek your one and only beyond our shores.


First, a few thoughts about our home country. All you have to do is consider the media – television, films, advertising or the internet. You will quickly realize that our country is “age prejudiced”. Also beauty is a huge commodity.


According to the 2010 census, there are a few more men than women here. Decent American guys are raised to be polite and respectful of the opposite gender. We practice good manners and understand that it is our role to provide for our families and do our best to avoid harmful behavior such as adultery and alcoholism. As it should, our country provides laws against domestic violence and child abandonment. The divorce rate here is well over 50%. The majority of these are initiated by women.


If you have not traveled a great deal, you assume that these factors are similar in other countries. However, it is quite the opposite, especially in the nine countries where A Foreign Affair offers romance tours.


Foreign women are very surprised by our behavior because it is not the norm locally. We must be careful not to paint all men in these countries with a wide brush. However, what we offer is very scarce among the men in these countries. Also, in several there are a great deal more women than men, especially in Eastern Europe.


So, there is the “quid”. The vast majority of AFA clients have a great deal to offer when compared to the local men. This fact is well known among the 44,000 women who hopefully post their profiles on loveme.com. It is sad, but the vast majority of them will never meet any of us in person. That is because very few of us take the effort to travel internationally. The odds are all in our favor if you make the decision to go and change your life for the better.


We offer respect, stability, faithfulness and love. Characteristics that are very rare locally.


Perhaps now we can understand the “quo”. These women offer youth and beauty as well as other qualities such as faithfulness.


Unless you possess the looks of a film star and/or have a great deal of money, success in our country is very difficult. This is because youth and beauty are a huge commodity here. However, it is exactly the opposite in the countries represented in AFA profiles. Actually, the competition there is fierce. You only have to travel on a tour to discover this for yourself. It is the only way. Endless letters will never provide you with the love you seek.


As always, I wish you well,


Bob Wray

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