Letters -   How to use this tool



Letters -   How to use this tool

Hi Guys,

Often questions come up about letters. Let’s discuss their value and some cautions.

The first thing I would like you to do is to put yourself in the position of the more than 44,000 beautiful ladies who have placed their profiles and their trust with AFA.

Here are some facts. Although we are free to browse and enjoy the profiles from the comfort of our home, the ladies do not have this advantage. The only way they can view your pictures and what you have shared in your description is to visit an office and ask to use an AFA equipped computer.

Also the competition among the ladies is a real challenge. Understand that the reputation of AFA is very strong, but tours are offered several times or perhaps only once in their city each year. Therefore letters   are an important point of contact for them. Indeed, once an exchange of letters commences, they will look forward to receiving them frequently, perhaps several times per week. I have heard often of ladies being disappointed or even angry when this doesn’t occur.

You have to realize that for the most part life is very difficult in the nine countries AFA offers romance tours to. Perhaps she works 10 or 12 hours each day, six days per week. She may have to care for a child as well. So a letter from you is a real bright spot in her day. For this reason, she may be very forthcoming and even aggressive in her letters. While this is pleasant and complimentary for you, there is a problem.

Now that you understand what it is probably like for the ladies, let’s try an analogy. Suppose you live in Chicago and you will be transferred to Los Angeles. You have decided to purchase a home there, but time and cost prevent you from traveling there to search for the right property. Certainly you could use the many real estate sites or even contact an agency. Although you will see attractive photos or videos and detailed descriptions, should you make an important life decision without actually seeing the home? Of course not. Now back to the point at hand. It is impossible to fall in love and marry a person you have never met! I’m sure that you agree. Look, we put our best foot forward when we write to attractive lady, so does she. This is not dishonest, it’s just human nature. Clearly you will not know if there is even a possibility of a connection without actually meeting her and spending some time getting to know her.

The reality is that a high percentage of those who use the services of AFA will never get on a plane to meet anyone. This is sad. You don’t want to be part of that demographic. I met a guy at an airport once he was not an AFA client. He had spent over $20,000 on letters and chat (AFA does not offer chat for this reason) and was just now traveling to meet some ladies! What a pity. You will discover that other sites will be happy to let you write letters and spend money as long as you wish. But what is the result?

So what should you do? If you enjoy corresponding, please continue. No judgement here. Your ultimate happiness is the only concern. I have experienced many guys who happily met their one and only while on tour – no letters involved.

So, again, how should you proceed? First, explore the profiles of the many countries AFA offers and decide what appeals to you. All the ladies on AFA are beautiful in their own way. One man’s steak is another man’s lobster. Once you have decided on a country, explore the many tours offered and select one that meets your needs.  

About 3 weeks before you depart, select several (maybe 4 or 5) ladies that really appeal to you and meet your criteria (age, children, etc.). Write to each of these ladies and mention in the subject line that you will be visiting her city and when. Keep the letter brief. Tell her why you are writing to her and a bit about yourself. Believe me, these ladies will be delighted. You will probably receive a reply from most of them. It is not necessary to write more than two or three times. This keeps the cost at a minimum. Also, remember that it is a bit of a revolving door. What I mean is that each week dozens of new profiles are announced on loveme.com. Of course ladies get engaged or remove their profile for a variety of reasons.

When you arrive the AFA personnel will assist you to meet the ladies you have written to. This idea, plus the hundreds of ladies you will have the opportunity to meet at the social will put you way ahead of the game. You see, as John Adams, the CEO says, it’s a numbers game. The more ladies you meet, the better your chances are. Oh, by the way NEVER travel to meet only one lady.

Thanks for your attention, but remember, the critical factor is the decision to get on a plane and GO! Nothing will happen unless you do. As always I wish you the best.

Bob Wray

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