Letters and Reality

Letters and Reality

I’ve written about this topic before, but I think it should be addressed again. John Adams has said many times, “Don’t write letters”. I know this may seem unrealistic given the typical international dating business model, but AFA really wants you to succeed and does not want you to be disappointed or even scammed. So, here are the facts you need to understand.

AFA maintains a number of offices around the world. However, all of these offices have relationships with affiliate companies. This is a benefit for you as more ladies have their profile on loveme.com, attend the socials and are available to you. Of course, it is very difficult to control every aspect of the operations involved. Just like yourself, the ladies are free to write “introduction” letters to any guy who has his profile on AFA (and you should). You can easily identify them as they cost $5.95 to read and will usually have a very generic subject line.

If you decide to pay and read the letter it often sounds like it could apply to any guy. However, perhaps the lady has visited the office and seen your profile. In that case, you may see your name in the greeting.

Look – thousands of guys send out many letters – usually using a “form letter”. That’s OK. Why shouldn’t the girls have the same chance?

Here’s the issue. Let’s say you are 55. You receive an intro letter from a beautiful 19 year old girl in the Philippines, the Ukraine or China. Be realistic. This is not a real opportunity for you unless you are really bored and want a pen pal.

However, it is possible that on occasion you may get a nice intro letter addressed to you (your name is in the subject line or inside if you open it) and she’s “just what the doctor ordered”. In that rare case, go for it. But realize, absolutely nothing will happen until you go over and meet her.

So, bottom line? Be very selective when opening intro letters. If you start an on line relationship with a girl that seems quite promising – fine. But make a decision to go over and let her know. Save all that money opening unrealistic intro letters for a tour in the near future. You won’t be sorry.

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