Interesting Perception about Child Custody and Money

Interesting Perception about Child Custody


Here is an actual quote from an attractive Ukrainian girl concerning her confusion about American men and child custody and legal fees. I hope this helps you single dads, as I was at one time. I think that it speaks to the admiration Ukrainian women (as well as other countries AFA travels to) have for American single dads. In Ukraine, single moms abound. Food for thought.



“By the way, I read at one Ukrainian magazine about travelling that many men from your country find that after divorce they will lose contact with their children while still being obliged to support their ex-wives financially. About 85% of the children of divorce end-up in the custody of their mothers… and the few children in the custody of their fathers only became so after the father had spent thousands of dollars on legal fees trying to prove why they should be given custody. Please tell me about this situation more. May be it is not true?”

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