How’s it going in the Ukraine? – A Letter from a satisfied client

How’s it going in the Ukraine?

Hi guys,

Check this note to John Adams from a client who is in Ukraine at the moment. Although he has found someone he is very interested in, he regrets that he won’t be able to return if all goes well! This positive reaction is very typical no matter where clients decide to go. Read on and make plans to go to the country of your choice in the near future.

Bob Wray


I just wanted to say what an amazing experience being on the tour has been, Your team have been so professional, with such a great leader in Bud,¬†and as for the socials, well there really are so many ladies seeking boyfriends that it is actually unbelievable. It has taken me until the third social to get my mind around just how real these opportunities are. The hotels have been great, such a pleasure having an on-site ‘war-room’ and your translators are excellent and helpful. I am just totally blown away by this Ukraine experience I almost don’t want to find love so that I can come back again… But I think Cupid has another Idea, and she’s texting me right now that we will be meeting tomorrow for lunch and the all-important 3rd date.


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