AFA Calls for the week of 5/15

HI Guys,

As always, AFA will have some great calls for you. All of them begin at 9:30 EST. Just dial 209-689-0007 and press 103766 when prompted. If you call too early (5 minutes or so) you may get bumped and have to re-dial.

When the call starts, just press 5* to ask a question. Of course you are welcome to just listen and learn, but your questions are very valuable as others will benefit from the answer. Here is the lineup for this week.

Monday – Bud Patterson has been doing this call for many years. Any question is welcome. Bud is an expert on International dating. The answer to your question can benefit the other guys who are listening. You can also log in at the website to see Bud and any presentation he may share with you. You can do this by accessing

Wednesday – This call is dedicated to the Philippines. Although you can still dial in as in the past, this call will be featured as a Webcast with Greg and his new bride Glenda. CONGRATULATIONS ON THEIR NEW BABY BOY! You will need to use your PC or phone to enjoy it. Just view any profile on Wednesday and you will find a link to enjoy the webcast.

Renee Piane, the world renowned love coach will host a great call on Thursday,5/25. Renee joins us every other Thursday. Renee can answer any questions you may have about what women really want and how to make improvements in yourself to find that one and only.

Please join us and review the upcoming tours and plan to get on a plane and change your life! The 2017 schedule is available as well as the latest for the seminars.

Bob Wray

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