A very revealing letter

Hi Guys,

Have you ever wondered why there are so many beautiful women seeking a foreign husband? Well, rather than listen to myself or others, let’s go right to the source.

Here is a letter I received from a very beautiful 40 year old woman in St. Petersburg, Russia. Irina has never been married and has no children. Read on and learn.


My name’s Irina. Unfortunately, there are already no prospects in a family creation in this country (as well as for the majority of my girlfriends). It is very difficult to find the worthy man in this country. Besides, I have some positive examples of creation of a family with foreigners (my girlfriends married Australians, Europeans, etc.) I love to travel very much. Moreover I like to travel differently! It can be and a simple hiking trip, going to the summer garden (as we call it dacha here), on shish kebabs – I like to be on the nature.Smile Do you also like it? My healthy way of life is yoga! That is the whole philosophy that helps me greatly in life!

Why I decided to look for a man abroad? The fact is, that finding a good man in Russia is very difficult. We have a lot of beautiful, interesting women and very few men. I have a few friends who were married to foreigners, they have children. We communicate, they are very happy now. The dream is to create a family, to our own house, to have a minimum of material problems, to be able to provide the family and parents financially.


Don’t wait any longer. Select a country that appeals to you and go and meet your one and only.

Take care,

Bob Wray

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