A Special Gift to You from John Adams and Ken Agee

A Special Gift to You from John Adams and Ken Agee


My first tour as a client was with John Adams, our CEO. I was later invited to Columbia by Ken Agee, a co-founder. I will always remember these trips. Now it’s your turn from the comfort of your home. Both executives of A Foreign Affair led the 20th Anniversary tour to Medellin, Columbia. There was also a film crew. Both of them went to a great deal of effort to provide you with a “virtual tour”. Once you view both parts, I and II, you will understand how valuable your tour will be. I have provided an outline of the blog for your convenience. You can easily find it on loveme.com. Just scroll down to the “AFA Webcast” icon in blue and enjoy.

Once you view this, you will surely understand all that AFA does to ensure your comfort and success, to say nothing of a great time. Many of your questions will be answered. You will hear from several clients, especially Juan. Pour a cup of coffee and enjoy. The first part is 54 minutes long and the second, 43.

Get off that couch and book a tour to any of the many countries offered by AFA. You will never be sorry. CARPE DIEM!


Part I.

Idea – book extra days before or after. AFA will help you. The group was very diverse, from all occupations, most not wealthy. You will form lifetime bonds with some of your tour mates as I did.

John provided some stats. The average age of the 20 clients was 43.5 ranging from 26 to 64. Most of the 125 or more women at both socials were in their 20’s or 30’s, some were older.

Each table was numbered with 6 or more ladies at each, nicely decorated with table cloths and flowers. The ladies all received a gift from AFA. This was “speed dating” for the first part of the evening. Each man spent a few minutes meeting the girls at each table. By the time the music and entertainment started, the guys had met all the girls at each social. Each client was assigned a lovely translator selected by the staff. Many clients bonded with a “wing man”.

Before the tour, each client received a useful package containing materials. A conference call is scheduled and all questions are answered. You will be picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel.

Tours start on Thursday. John provided a beautiful panorama of the city. The hotel is one of the finest in the city and each man had his own room.

There was a very valuable orientation on Thursday. Several clients actually had dates on Thursday before the first social!

The hotel, night club (Mi Lupe), AFA office and hundreds of cafes, restaurants and bars are located in the very active city center within walking distance.  No need to pay for a taxi.

Of course a lovely breakfast is included. These are very valuable as the guys will share their experiences the night before.

One benefit was a pep talk from a veteran, Gerald at the orientation. There is nothing like hearing the benefits of a tour from a guy who has been there before.

At the orientation, you will have a chance to meet most of the translators. These are usually English students who speak both languages perfectly. At the social, AFA pays them. However, on your many dates, you will be responsible to pay their $20 an hour cost. I always give them a tip. They more than earn it. After all, they are working on your behalf.

There will be a valuable walking tour later. You will benefit as you will be shown the best places to take a date as well as interesting landmarks that will make you aware of the local culture.

On Friday it will be time for your first social. Since AFA is extremely careful that the girls are clients and are aware of the IMBRA regulation (this is an American law), you will be free to exchange contact information with any lady of interest at the social. Since there will naturally be a line for the ladies to enter, many of the clients took advantage of this and used the opportunity to chat them up before the social even started!

When the girls are at the registration table, their ID is checked against the computer and they are given a welcome gift as well as a name tag. John will show you. Of course AFA will provide security outside.

So, what happens at the social? For the first part, the girls will be seated at a numbered table. The clients visit each table in turn for a few minutes. At the end of this part, you will have met every lady at the social. Then when it is over, the music and entertainment will start and you can spend quality time with any lady you choose. After sitting at one of the 21 tables and chatting with every guy, these girls are ready to dance and party! (While you don’t have to dance, get out there and do your best to move. The girls love it.)

Part II

After the social, you are free to stay and spend time with a lady you have selected. Although AFA reserves the club for the social, once it ends, locals are free to enter. Of course, many men take their date to another location.

A note. Juan’s comments throughout are very valuable as he has been to Ukraine several times and knows the score. (By the way, view “2 Brothers and a Bride”, a feature film about AFA in St. Petersburg as well as “Love Me – The Documentary”. They can be found on Netflix).

After the first social on Saturday, the clients are very active on dates. The office will be happy to help, although many guys already had their plans set.

At about 5 it is time for the second social which will include a different set of women. Both John and Ken agree that the ladies appear much lovelier than their profile photos.

One important thought. AFA is an introduction agency. They will do all they can to put you in front of hundreds of beautiful women. Of course, then it is up to you, although they will do all they can to help.

Often clients will get engaged or married. Naturally, they are under no obligation to let AFA know. They are entitled to their privacy if they wish. However, many do. You will, on occasion, see that a lady has removed her profile because of this. However, each week many more will register.

On Sunday, there will be an interesting bus tour. Many of the clients take dates. John will show you one of these including the prison Pablo Escobar had built for himself. Although those sad days are long over, it is of historical interest. Of course, there are many other sites on the tour including interesting museums.

Monday was a very special day. You see, AFA is not only about international dating. They want to give back to the communities they visit. They have done this for years, all over the world. Orphanages are among the neediest. They not only help orphans, but children with severe disabilities.

Most of the guys make contributions, as does AFA. 100% of the funds are used to help the organizations.

On this occasion, items were purchased from Cosco, as well as a wheelchair and a carpet to cover a dirt floor used for physical therapy. One client, Jim was so moved that he contributed matching funds. Many guys were moved to tears. The 164 kids behaved beautifully, and the staff was excellent and very grateful. Over $2,000 was donated. Not only that but Jim returned!

Note: Please view the panel discussion (#106), John conducted with 5 ladies telling what to do and not do to win a lady’s heart.

As often happens, clients will find that special someone and start the K1 visa process – this was the case of Isaiah, among others. While there is no guarantee for you, it could happen. There is only one way to find out. Stop writing many letters and decide to go on tour and meet them in person. There is no substitute for this. Only 3% of guys do this. Make sure that you are one of them. You will never be sorry.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Best of luck.


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