A Personal True Story with A Great Lesson for You

A Personal True Story with A Great Lesson for You


I hesitate to reveal this, but it’s too important for your success. It has to do with endless, meangiless letters. I know that you have heard this from John Adams and myself, but it is so true. I know the compulsion to write letters to the beautiful women on loveme.com is very strong, however if you think seriously about it and take John’s advice, it makes no sense. You know that a letter can never take the place of a meeting.

So, here is my story. On my first romance tour to Odessa, Nikolayev and Kherson I found myself with no plans in Nikolayev after the social. The manager was very kind. I causally pointed to a beautiful “banner girl” on the site. The manager said she knew her well and offered to call her on my behalf. I was astounded. She made the call and I had a date! I could not believe it. This girl was not a “10”, but a “12” in the states!

We met for coffee and I asked her some questions. Here is the lesson.

I asked how long she been registered with A Foreign Affair. She said three years!

I asked if she received many letters. She said hundreds and due to the ridiculous nature in them she just deleted them. She was a pharmacist and worked sixty hours a week and had no time to read and respond.

I then asked how many guys she had actually met. SHE SAID I WAS THE SECOND!

Although it did not work out between us, I will never forget it. Please, please stop writing endless letters and do yourself a big favor. Book an open reservation. It is not expensive and is good for any tour at any time. If you have made a decision book an upcoming tour. You will never be sorry and it is the only way to make your dreams come true.

I wish you well.



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