90 Day Fiancée – TLC

90 Day Fiancée – TLC


Here is a follow up to my recent post about this program as well as some valuable lessons for you. This show, like most, is interested in drama to keep you watching. That way you will observe their commercial sponsors.  However, this helps your mission very little. Actually, it will tell you what NOT to do.

Most of the couples you have met in my earlier post. What is interesting is that there are two American women applying for a guy!

You met Alexi and Loren in the last post. Because his visa in not yet approved, they flew to Canada to meet her parents.

They are going to have to move in with her parents in a condo in Florida. Her dad has concerns about him breaking her heart. Money will be very tight, including the cost of the visa. Alexi is very unsure about the living arrangements. It is unbelievable that he did not understand that the visa would only be for 90 days.

The situation with Mark and Niki is worse due to the 43 year age difference. Not only that, but he did the exact same thing 22 years ago in the same city in the Philippines with another girl who left him with 4 kids. His family has never seen her and he did not announce his engagement beforehand. Mark is very anal. For example he gets very upset when she touches his car window and leaves a mark. His unrealistic hope will be that his daughter, Elsie and her will be good friends. The problem is that Elise knows nothing about her and is two years older.

In this episode we meet Kyle, a 28 year old bartender in New Orleans and Noon, a 26 year old from Bangkok, Thailand. Kyle lives in a rundown bachelor pad with his roommate Bryan. There is no indication that he will move out and the small apartment is a real mess.

He met Noon on social media.

There is a lot that Noon does not know about his Bourbon Street lifestyle and very messy living conditions.

Things are very difficult for Alexandra since she gave up her dancing and drinking lifestyle and converted to the Mormon Church for Josh. She will live with his grandmother until the wedding with an 11 PM curfew.

They had a birthday party for her. The family, especially his dad, were shocked when she described a typical Russian wedding with alcohol and dancing.

In the case of Devar and Melanie, I can offer some insight. I live in rural Pennsylvania and I have been to Jamaica. I think that Devar will be shocked by the snowfall and lack of a beach. Also I think Melanie is not only seeking a husband, but a stepdad for her son, Hunter. I think she only sees him on weekends. I wonder about his biological father.

Well, there are other couples for you to meet. But here are the lessons.

Take your time! Many of these couples got engaged right away. You need to know as much as possible about each other.

Have a reasonable age difference.

Make certain that there will be enough money and support – you must live together, not with parents and certainly not with a roommate!

If there is a child involved, fine. Just be certain that you are marrying for love, not as a stepparent.

Enjoy the rest of the episodes and remember, these couples made a lot of mistakes. Be certain that you learn from them.

Remember, what they did right was they actually met in person. Stop writing endless letters and book a tour!

I wish you well.




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