90 Day Fiancé – TLC Season 3

90 Day Fiancé – TLC Season 3


I mentioned this show earlier. I think there are lessons to be learned about mistakes you can avoid. The new season will air on Sunday evenings at 10 PM EST. Below is a summary of the first show. They will tell the story of six couples trying to get through the process, although only four are in this episode. Remember that the producers want you to be entertained with some drama. What is interesting is that in the case of two of the couples, it is an American woman applying for the K1. Also the partners come from a variety of countries. Let’s meet them:


Devar 28, is from Jamaica, and works as a lifeguard at a resort. Melanie, 33 is a Nurse from Orwigsburg, PA. She has an 11 year old son, Hunter that she sees on weekends. Her son is a top priority, and Hunter has only met Devar on Skype. If Devar is not able to serve as a father figure it will be a deal breaker. She married at 21 and divorced at 26. So she has been alone for seven years. They met at a resort. After 20 days he proposed. The K1 is approved. Her girlfriends, Jen and Krista, are concerned that he is seeking a Green card. They also expressed racial issues as she lives in a rural small town.

Devar has lived with his sisters and supported them. He acts as the man of the house and expects to send money home.


Nikki 19 is from Cebu in the Philippines. Mark, 58 is from Baltimore MD, but lives in Middle River on the water. He has a business that rents out pianos for events. He met Nikki on line with free dating site, and flew to Cebu to meet her. After 2 days they were engaged. He has four children that are older than Nikki.  He didn’t mean to fall in love and doesn’t see her age. His kids are grown and he has an empty house now.

Mark was divorced 27 years ago. His ex is also from Cebu. He raised his kids alone. His ex wanted her independence and was not a care giver. She changed over time and only wanted money spent on her.

His daughter Elise 21, is upset that he didn’t tell anyone except on Facebook. He wants Elise to be friends with Nikki rather than a stepmother.


Alexsandra 21, is from Kirov, Russia. She is living alone due to school in Prague, Czechoslovak. He has large Mormon family. She was a dancer in clubs. Josh 22 doesn’t drink or smoke, and does not believe in pre-marital sex. He is from Rexburg, Idaho. They met while he was on a Mission. They dated after the mission and got engaged. She converted and was baptized. She gave up clubs and dancing. His parents met her in Prague, but she didn’t speak English. However she learned quickly.


Loren, 27 is a NYC Executive Assistant. Her parents treated her like a spoiled Princess. She loves shopping. She attended a Birthright trip for 10 days and met Alexei, 27 a medic, from Israel. After the K1 he can’t work. They will have to move back home to FL with her parents to live. He will meet her family in Canada. She applied for the K1, but it is not approved yet. Her father has serious concerns.


Well, please watch and continue your education through lovme.com, the Monday and Wednesday calls and this blog. When you are ready, book your tour.


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