Two films about Ukraine that you should view on Netflix

Hi guys,

If you have access to Netflix, there are several films that you really should watch if you are serious about the Ukraine.

The first one is “Love me”

Over a two year period the film honestly shows the “good, bad and ugly” aspects of international dating. So, here is a synopsis of the stories followed by some observations for your benefit. I will introduce the participants without telling you too much so you can enjoy the film, no “spoiler alert”.

The film tells the stories of six men who went on romance tours to the Ukraine. This is balanced by commentaries from John Adams, the CEO of A Foreign Affair and from yours truly. Let’s meet the guys:

Robert from CA. Robert is in the construction business. He met a girl named Vita in Odessa. After meeting her he returned to meet her family and proposed. Eventually he applied for a K1 visa.

Eric from TX. This is one of the best documented stories. He met Inna in Poltava. You will meet her family and his. What is really interesting is that you will witness parts of her K1 interview in Kiev.

Bobby from VA. A government worker who became focused on one girl from Kherson and wrote her a lot of letters over 8 months. He went on tour with the sole purpose of meeting Julia. You will see what happens.

Ron from NC. I’ll let you learn about his story for yourself.

Travis is a dairy farmer from Wisconsin. He met a girl named Victoria in Odessa. Although he tried, things did not work out for him.

The last client was Michael from Australia. He was not an AFA member but worked with another agency in his country. He made a lot of mistakes with a girl named Sveta from Kiev. You can learn a lot about what not to do from his story.

Well, I hope you can view this fine film in the near future. There is much to learn. A few points:

Never write endless letters. Instead save your money and go to the country of your choice. There is simply no substitute for meeting a girl in person.

Don’t focus on one girl to exclusion of anyone else. There are over 40,000 profiles on AFA from countries around the world.

The next film is “Winter on Fire”. It documents the events surrounding the Maidan struggle in the winter of 2014. The reason you should view it is that it will help you to understand the political situation today. Please don’t be concerned about safety as the country is completely calm now in the cities where AFA conducts tours.

No matter what country sparks your interest, do all you can to become informed about the culture and history. After all, if you find your one and only you would do well to understand as much as possible about her homeland.

Bob Wray