More about the cities in Ukraine

More about the cities in Ukraine
I posted about this before, but I thought some more clarity would help.
As I said, the trouble is limited to the Southeastern part of the country and the cities of Lugansk and Donetsk are most affected. To a lesser extent, Mariupol. It is difficult for the ladies to travel and for you to visit there. For this reason, it is probably best to avoid these areas for the time being.
As you may know, Russia has seized Crimea and it is now considered part of Russia. You can visit, but you will need a visa.
Ukraine is the size of Texas with a population of 40 million. AFA has over 14,000 profiles from all over the country. Perhaps it is helpful to understand how you can maximize the help that AFA can offer.
AFA maintains four offices – Kiev, Poltava, Odessa and Nikolayev. However tour are offered to Kharkov, Sumy, Kherson,Dnepro and Zaporozhe. They use trusted partners to assist on these visits. Although you are welcome to visit other cites such as Lvov, more support can be offered in the cities I have mentioned.
I hope this has been helpful. You can always discuss this with Anna or Bud by calling the Phoenix office.
Bob Wray

Letters, pictures from AFA ladies

Letters, pictures from AFA ladies
This question comes up often on Bud’s calls and those when I cover for him. Please understand. Your private information which you provided to AFA is secure. Everyone should provide a profile to AFA for a variety of reasons. If you provide photos (and you should) and a dialogue about yourself and what you seek, ladies are able to see it, but not easily.
We are fortunate that we can browse any of the more than 40,000 profiles, however that is not the case for the ladies. In order to access gentlemen’s profiles, they must visit an AFA office or affiliate and use an AFA secured computer. They can do this (not from their home or an Internet café) and send out as many “Intro” letters as the please.
This is the reason why a gentleman who is 50 or more may receive letters from 20 year old women who is not from a country they are interested in. If this is an annoyance you have the option and right to eliminate these letters by simply logging on the your “Member’s Area/Login” on the left of the home page and scrolling down to the option “I do not want to receive introduction letters (women who have written to you first)”.  Select it and the letters will cease.
Please understand. Because there are thousands of AFA profiles all over the world, the ladies are very eager to be noticed, especially by the less than 5% of AFA clients that will leave our shores.
Another point. The ladies are welcome to submit their photos and profiles. If they are permitted to be on the site, they are responsible for the photos. My experience has been that usually the ladies look better than their photos. Of course, they may use a professional photographer. Photoshop is available, but rarely used (you can tell).
I hope this is helpful. If you have concerns, please contact the Phoenix office and they will be more than willing to help.
Bob Wray

What 9/11 means to me and a message for you.

What 9/11 means to me.


On October 1, 2000 I was pleased to be certified as an IBM Senior Consultant. I was assigned to the financial sector on Wall Street. The World Trade Center Marriot was very convenient to my clients. It was located between the North and South towers. I would stay on the 20th floor and enjoyed visits to the observation deck and the night Club at the towers.


My routine was to spend my mornings in my room preparing for the day’s appointments which usually began at about 11 AM. On Sunday September 9, I had lunch with my cousin then checked out as I had obligations elsewhere for the coming week.


At 8:45 on Tuesday, September 11, the first plane hit the South tower. By 9:00 most of the debris had destroyed the center section of the Marriot, including the 20th floor. Had I stayed I would have been in my room at that time. Perhaps I would have escaped. I’ll never know. Many others did not and perished, sadly.


I don’t mean to be morose, but tomorrow is promised to none of us. The point is that one never knows. I am grateful for each day that I am given. You should be also.


If you have considered traveling abroad to seek your one and only, do not hesitate. Don’t write endless letters. Make a decision and go. The time is now. I say again, one never knows. None of us are promised tomorrow.


I wish you the best.


Bob Wray

Trouble in the Ukraine – No problem for tours

Trouble in the Ukraine – No problem for tours
Often there are questions about this. As you probably know, a few years ago Putin reclaimed the Crimea (It was given to Ukraine by Khrushchev in 1954, he was Ukrainian). Not only that but separatists in the Donbas region (less than 5% of the country) were encouraged to mount armed resistance and conflict with Kiev. The affected major cities are Donetsk, Lugansk, and to some extent Mariupol.
Naturally, life is very difficult for the people in this region. Because of the trouble, AFA  conducts their tours to other cities that are safe such as Kiev and Odessa. I have traveled to many of these cities with no problem.
If you are attracted to a lady from this area, unfortunately it will be very difficult to arrange to meet her. It would not be wise to travel there. The Phoenix office can offer more detail if you wish.
Given  that there are over 14,000 lovely profiles in Ukraine, you can easily find many attractive ladies in the many cities included in the AFA tour schedule.
If you are interested in a lady from Crimea, you can travel there (although no AFA tours are currently offered). Realize that it is in Russia. You will need a visa.
I hope this is helpful. I wish you the best.
Bob Wray

How to have a successful first meeting

How to have a successful first meeting


Here are some tips that I have learned personally and from other men on tour.

First, your initial  encounter is not a date, but a meeting. Probably the two of you have never met and your mutual purpose is to learn a bit about the other person and determine if there is a connection and a reason to see each other again.

Unless there is a good reason, NEVER CANCEL A MEETING OR DATE. This reflects poorly on you and AFA’s reputation and future clients. The ladies go to a lot of trouble to present themselves attractively and make arrangements to meet.

Set aside perhaps an hour for the first meeting. If the lady understands this, everyone is comfortable. You will know quickly if there is a connection. You owe her some of your time, but not a three hour dinner date. Rather it should be a casual coffee or wine encounter. If the two of you are charmed by each other, you can easily extend it to several hours more.

One of four things will happen at the end of this encounter.

1. Neither of you will be interested in each other — no problem.

2. She will be interested in you (you’ll know) and you will not be interested. This will require some diplomacy. If you feel that it isn’t going to work, after an hour, simply glance at your watch, rise and shake her hand and say, “It was very nice to meet you. Thanks for taking the time to meet me. Her dignity is still intact and you are free to go.


3. You will be interested in her but she will not be interested in you (you’ll know). Suck it up, buddy. Be gracious and friendly. She may have a friend.


4. Both of you are interested. Cool. Ask for the date. At least ask if you can call her soon. Then be sure to do it.


Let’s explore this a bit deeper. Be honest. If she is not going to make it in the looks department, you will know right away. If there are serious mismatches in other areas, they will be revealed early in your conversation. She may be interested while you are not. What you want to do is be gracious and give her the courtesy of a pleasant cup of coffee. Can you remember being turned down for a job on a first interview? If the recruiter was a decent person, you at least got the respect of a few questions and some conversation. Enjoy her company and practice networking. You never know. Even if it isn’t going to work, she may find you so charming that she’ll tell her friends. When it’s time to go, pay the check, ask if you can walk her to her taxi and pay for it. Tell her it was nice to meet her and wish her luck. Don’t feel guilty. You met your obligation and behaved like a gentleman. You have nothing to apologize for. The next time it could be your turn.


At the end of the encounter, turn your attention to your AFA translator. Although you understand that you owe $20 per hour for the services, I always ask, “What do I owe you?”


Then do something few guys think of. Offer a small tip. Not only will the word get around, but she will be happy to offer her impressions of the meeting, the lady and your behavior. Since she has more native knowledge than you, this will be very valuable.
Carefully select where the meeting should occur. The staff will help you. There is no need to go to a fancy Sushi restaurant that will be expensive. You are the host and she is your guest. Obviously, never go on a shopping trip!


I hope that this is helpful and as always, I wish you the best.


Bob Wray