A Love Story from the Philippines


A Love Story from the Philippines


Lee has found what so many of us seek. To his credit, he did his homework. He not only made himself familiar with the culture of the Philippines, but visited friends before making a decision. He listened to the AFA calls, viewed the many sources on loveme.com, but more importantly made clear decisions about what he is looking for in a life partner.



He attended a seminar conducted by John Adams, the CEO of AFA in Miami. Since he had completed his introspection, he was prepared to order his tour on that day. In the process, he was eligible for significant discounts and benefits.


When he finally arrived, he was able to provide the staff with exactly the type of girl he sought. He went on many dates but eventually found the lovely Arsely and that was it. I have provided several photos, with his permission so you can see for yourself.
They are now engaged and soon will begin the K1 process so Arsely can come to Tampa.


There is a great lesson for all of us in this wonderful story. Educate yourself and be clear about your criteria – age, children, etc. Obviously, nothing will happen until you travel to the country of your choice, whether it is a romance tour or a club tour as Lee did.


As always, I wish you well. AFA offers many sources of help in your goal to find happiness. Why wait?


Bob Wray

The Philippines – Greg and Glenda, a love story

The Philippines – Greg and Glenda, a love story




Hi Guys,


I have something special for you. Greg, an AFA employee was married last weekend to a beautiful girl from Davao, who looks like the current Miss Universe (from the Philippines!)


Greg and Glenda have been kind enough  to join our regular Wednesday night calls. I hope he does in the future as they are always welcome.


I am providing you with some links that I’m sure you will enjoy. As the saying goes, “nothing succeeds like success”. If you are interested in the Philippines, learn as much as you can. Shirlie and I will do all we can to present some of the beautiful girls each week. Since they speak English you are more than welcome to ask your questions.

Here are the links that Greg so generously provided.


this has the video for Glenda myself and bud, it has my write up and some pics


this is the online seminar page that has the intro video and the sign up


this is the link to the live stream of our wedding


Bob Wray