Latin American Airfare Costs

Latin American Airfare Costs
Hi Guys,
In June AFA will offer romance tours to Costa Rica and Peru. I used to check on airfares using Chicago as a departure point. Here is the good news.
Costa Rica -$345
Peru – $495
Of course these fares could be more or less depending on your departure point. When combined with the attractive costs for the tour you should consider traveling to one of these countries.
I wish you well.
Bob Wray

Videos, videos, videos

Videos, videos, videos
Hi guys,
Great news! A Foreign Affair has started a campaign to offer you more videos. As we all know photos are great, but there is nothing like a video to see how a beautiful girl walks, or even talks!
So, here is the deal. If you are a Platinum member (details to do so can be found on, along with the generous benefits now you will be able to view any video for free!
If you are not, the cost to view a video will be $4. After selecting a video you wish to see, you will be directed to a page for payment.
If you are really interested in a lady, this is a small price to pay to ensure that she is a person you should consider writing to or better yet traveling to meet her.
AFA will be adding more videos in the future to add to the more than 2,000 that are available today.
Be sure to dial in to the calls this week – Latin call every Tuesday, Philippine call every Wednesday and Renee Piane every other Thursday. Renee will host a call on the 21st.
Also, if you are able seminars are fantastic. Venues in Las Vegas and Newark have just been added along with Miami and Seattle. More to come this fall and winter.
Select the country of your choice and get on a plane, it’s the only way to achieve success and future happiness.
As always, I wish you well,
Bob Wray

The Gold Standard

“The Gold Standard”
Hi guys,
I’m not talking about high finance and I’m not running for office, but stay with me. I have been very fortunate to travel extensively for business and pleasure. Before I found A Foreign Affair, I visited many countries including Russia, Latvia and the Dominican Republic as well as others such as Italy, Ireland, etc. I don’t reveal this to be self-serving. I have a point about you.
Since I have been connected with AFA I have been to Columbia, the Dominican and Ukraine many times as a participant and a tour leader. I have learned something that will have value as you search for a loving, life-long partner.
I have often heard the question, “why don’t these lovely ladies just marry a person from their own country?” This is a great and logical question. After all AFA posts over 40,000 profiles of beautiful women all over the world who seek a foreign partner.
A few things to consider before we answer. As you know, it does not matter what the country or culture may be, there are kind, well meaning people everywhere as well as those that are the opposite. You know this about our country.
My observation is that in the countries offered to you by AFA, the male culture is very different from our own. Naturally, there are good men everywhere, there are just not that many of them in these countries. Not only that, in many countries, such as the Ukraine and Russia, the number of available marriage aged women vastly outnumber the men.
There is another important factor you should consider. I am assuming you are a decent guy with family values who is willing to invest your time and finances to find your one and only. If you succeed (and you can only do this by traveling beyond our shores), you intend to be loving, faithful and supportive the rest of your life. Great.
Unfortunately,  this is not the case culturally in most of these countries. Guys cheat and walk out if they don’t care for what is happening. Alcoholism and unemployment are big problems.
In our country, there are slightly more men than women. If a girl is somewhat attractive, she can be very selective. Our country is very “age – prejudiced”. I’m sure you have had experience with these factors.
It is amazing to me when I have led tours to observe how surprised the women are by our normal behavior as gentlemen. Fortunately for you, our reputation precedes us. AFA is very careful to ensure that interactions are healthy and sincere on both parts.
So, at last, here is my point. We are the “Gold Standard” of husbands the world over. You only have to travel to witness this yourself. Perhaps your experience domestically has been hard on your self esteem.
Do yourself a favor and educate yourself through, the seminars and the frequent calls. When you are ready, rather than write endless letters, book a romance tour or a club tour to the destination of your choice.
As always, I wish you well,
Bob Wray