Ukraine Tour 9-17-2014

Ukraine Tour 9-17

Hi guys,

The weather here could not be any better. It’s 70 and sunny all day then 45 at night. I went to the Kiev National Philharmonic tonight. I used to teach music and this was fantastic. Don’t worry about my geek status, I’m going ice skating tomorrow.

This is a great city and has recovered nicely from the troubles in February. Independence square is all cleaned up. The people are very excited about the EU treaty the president passed yesterday.

Went by the AFA Kiev office to say hello to the staff there. Although there is no social right now, they are very busy with club tours and executive clients as well as guys who drop by for an introduction. There are so many ways for you to find success. I know the staff personally and they always do their best to help. Now it’s your turn to get off that couch. It’s a big world out there, guys and thousands of beautiful women waiting to meet you. Carpe Diem! 2014 is almost over!


Ukraine Tour – September, 2014

Ukraine Tour – September, 2014

Well guys as promised, here is the first post for this journey. My plan is to hang out in Kiev (more later), then catch up with the tour in Kharkov and Poltava. I’m not on the tour, nor leading it. I’m on my own.

Arrived in Kiev on the 15th. Ukraine airlines now flies direct from JFK to Kiev. I love it. My fare was only $696! Check it out at Anyway we caught a nice tailwind and arrived an hour early. I checked in to the Hotel Rus and changed for my date. I met her in July and we have been communicating almost every day. I plan to spend time with her until I take the high speed train to Kharkov on the 19th. These new trains are amazing. They are built by Hyundai and travel to most cities. They are called Intercity+. A first class ticket is only $40! By the way, the exchange rate is great. It was always 8 to $1, now it’s 13 to one. Gotta love it.

Tonight, I’ll take her to the Symphony. In July we went to the Opera. I swear this girl is smarter than I (not hard to do). I think the lesson here is that Ukrainian girls are often quite educated, no matter what their job is. So my advice is to read some Pushkin and learn a bit of Russian before you go.

Here is a photo of the soccer stadium behind the hotel. It was built for the European cup in 2012. I remember hearing a concert by the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the time from my room!

More later, guys. Do yourself a favor and stop sitting on the fence and writing hundreds of letters. Make a decision and get on a plane to your favorite country. I’ve been to Columbia, Dominican Republic and many times to Ukraine. I’ve never been sorry or had a bad time.