Domestic Dating Sites

Domestic Dating Sites

I am sure that many of you have been down this road. Perhaps you have had some success, but the odds are against you for a variety of reasons. Sure, there are many sincere, attractive women on these sites. However, anyone with a credit card (some are free) can post a profile. Of course the photos may or may not reflect reality. Scams are frequent. Understand that some of these sites are in 150 countries.

I have personally tried several of them. I can recall beginning a communication with an attractive woman who claimed to be in my area, only to discover that she lived in Malaysia. Next, of course, she asked for money! So, scams? You don’t have to go to overseas for this to happen. It can happen right in your backyard.

American men are at a big disadvantage on these sites. Why? First of all there are over 54 million single marriage age folks in the US. They are about equal in gender although there are a few more men. By the way, for the first time the 2010 census said there were more single people than married! Interesting.

I have posted before about the age prejudice in America. It is almost impossible for a guy to date a woman more than 5 years his junior unless you have a lot of money or look like Brad Pitt. No wonder guys seek to expand their search area abroad. It makes a lot of sense for this and many other reasons.

So, here are the stats I mentioned:

54 million singles

41 million have tried online dating

$1.2 billion in revenue

15 million members in eHarmony worldwide

21 million members in Match in 150 countries

18 months courtship when meeting online

42 months courtship offline

Here it is!  17% marriages when meeting online.

Bottom line? Book a romance tour through A Foreign Affair and have the opportunity to meet hundreds of beautiful, marriage minded women in a matter of days. Match or any other site cannot do this for you.

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Hi guys,

It has been a while, but I’m back. I promise to post frequently as I will be headed to Ukraine on July 16 (but not on tour).

So, it’s baseball season and we love stats. What are the stats at AFA? Well, it’s complicated. There is a link to recent engagements on the front page of On occasion you will discover that a profile has been removed “at request”. Of course this could mean many things. The reality is that AFA can log those that attend tours. After that it becomes difficult. Why? Simply because clients are under no obligation to report when they have a K1 visa or have married. They are entitled to their privacy, although they occasionally provide information. Most of it is anecdotal, meaning that the tour leader or a friend is aware. That is why there is no empirical statistic for those who attended a tour and were successful.

People like Bud Patterson are aware of many marriages as am I. This should provide hope and encouragement. It is very rare that a client goes on a single tour and returns engaged although it happens. Typically it takes a few tours.

Understand this clearly. Nothing will happen until you get on a plane and meet. Although letter writing is a good tool, I have never heard of someone getting engaged through letter writing alone.

I hope this is helpful. Good luck to all of you.