Age Prejudice In America

Age Prejudice In America

Anyone who has traveled internationally will notice a significant difference regarding age in other countries. Americans worship youth and bear little respect for age. Americans spend billions to address this from lotions and potions to plastic surgery. It is not often the case in other cultures.

If you are in your twenties, thirties or even early forties, this will not have much impact on your search for a life partner. However if you are in your late forties or anywhere above, your options in America are greatly limited.

I am not addressing celebrities of course – just regular guys like yourself. We all know that this cuts both ways – men and women. If a person is blessed with much to offer in looks and assets, they can attract younger partners, of course.

Let’s look at the typical mindset toward age of most American women. Perhaps you can apply your own experience to this issue.

Given all that has been said above, here is what I have observed. Of course we are speaking in generalities. Let’s set some guidelines. Women who are “average”, meaning they are not supermodels or very young, seek life partners as we do. There are always exceptions, but they are exceptional.

Typically American women are not willing to suffer an age difference as small as five years. They may seek someone their own age or even younger (the “cougar” phenomena). Of course if that is the case they must offer much in the looks department.

As further support for this notion, domestic “matchmaker” agencies will charge a double fee for a guy seeking a ten year age difference. Have you ever seen the show “The Millionaire Matchmaker”? Enough said.

I did a small experiment on your behalf. To test this idea, I posted an honest entry including pictures and a detailed commentary on a very popular domestic dating website with one exception – I lowered my age by ten years. OK, I’m not exactly Brad Pitt, but I’ve had my share of success. :) Then I sent a significant amount of introduction notes to various women of appropriate age that seemed interesting. Of course many did not reply at all. A small amount replied with interest. As I expected very few women sent me a note after seeing my profile (some were very scary!).

Here is the point. Many of the “rejection” notes I received mentioned the age difference as the reason for a lack of interest. So, there it is. What is a nice guy supposed to do? If you also have other factors like less than average looks, a few pounds overweight, a struggling income, or live in a remote part of our country – it can be even more challenging.

Well, the good news is that age difference is rarely an issue in the countries where A Foreign Affair offers profiles or tours. I can personally attest to this and have witnessed it often.  It varies from culture to culture. Bud Patterson recommends that the lady be in your generation – perhaps 10 or 15 years. This is wise. However, you will discover that in places like the Philippines, this can be extended.

It really comes down to the type of guy you are. If you are a gentleman offering monogamy and a stable lifestyle, you will do well. You don’t have to look like George Clooney or have Bill Gates’ money. The odds are all in your favor as the local men do not offer what you can. The women who post their profiles know this well.

So forget about domestic dating sites, blind dates and bars. Educate yourself with all that has to offer – it’s a great deal. When you are ready, book a tour to your favorite country – less than 5% of guys do. You will never be sorry. I wish you the best.


Airline Tactics

Airline Tactics

AFA uses Austrian Air to travel to the Ukraine. This fare is included in your romance package from JFK. It is a good idea to register with Miles and More, their frequent flier program before your departure. The odds are that you will return at some point, perhaps several times if you are fortunate. Although your balance will increase, it will require 50,000 points for a free fare. This is an advantage, but there is a problem. International travel requires significant airport taxes as much as $600 to $1,000 USD. Domestic travel is only $10.

If you are traveling anywhere else, you are on your own. You book your own fare and other airlines may have different policies, of course.

So, because of these significant airport taxes, it may be less expensive to simply buy a less expensive fare using or another agency on return trips.