Interesting Statistics


Well, it’s baseball season and many of you like to know the ratio or percentages for the cities that AFA offers. So here are some thoughts and facts.

The total number of AFA profiles, worldwide varies between 40,000 and 45,000. Why? Well, AFA is always expanding. For example, they have just included Japan. Also, the offering is a “revolving door”. Each Wednesday, you can view around 200 new profiles under the “Foreign Women Profiles” link at the top of the home page. Of course women decide to delete their profiles as well. The reasons for this vary. Perhaps they were married or engaged. You can view some of them also. If this decision is made, you will see a notice when you attempt to view the ladies profile.

Now that you understand a bit how things work, here is some more for you. If you view the “search engine” link on the home page (and you should get very skilled at this), you will notice as many as 16 countries listed. AFA does not offer formal tours to all of them, but most. Also, you will discover ladies in a particular city that AFA may not tour. However, it is always possible to go on your own. AFA will assist you.

Now, AFA has regular offices in several cities. Clearly this is a benefit to you since you will have great support. They also have many affiliate agencies in other cities. These are trusted firms that can help.

OK, the stats. About 50% of AFA’s profiles are in the Ukraine and the Philippines. Of course there are many quality ladies in the other 14 countries and tours are offered in several of them.

Since I am most familiar with the Ukraine and AFA has the most profiles there here is some info. Ukraine is the largest country in Europe – about the size of Texas. It has a population of about 40 million. As opposed to America where the gender ratio is about even, there are many more women than men in Ukraine.

Although the city populations are roughly correct, ladies will often come from surrounding towns and villages to the socials.

AFA has formal offices in Kiev, Odessa, Nikolayev and Poltava. They rely on affiliates in the dozen or so other cities that are on the tour schedule.

Kiev is the capital and largest city. It is very metropolitan and modern. The population is about 2.6 million. There are about 1500 profiles.

Kharkov (the K is silent) has about 1.4 million and only 400 profiles.

Odessa has about 1 million with 800 profiles.

There are several other cities that have about 1 million such as Lugansk, Donesk, and Zaporozhe.

AFA has traditionally visited other cities as well.

Poltava has about 300,000 but offers about 1000 profiles – interesting.

Nikolayev, the “city of brides” has 500,000 with 1,600 profiles.

I won’t trouble you with all the stats. If you are interested, it is simple to research using the “search engine” and inserting the city name below. I have included all the larger cities.

What is amazing is the ratio of profiles to population in Nikolayev and Poltava. If you want to play the odds, there is value there. However, please understand something. The girl of your dreams could live anywhere. I have seen success in all of these cities. I think that the best tactic is to visit as many as possible, meet as many girls as possible and decide for yourself.

I hope this has been helpful and wish you good luck in your search.