A Christmas Carol Fantasy

A Christmas Carol Fantasy

Guys, it is hard not to see the many versions of this Charles Dickens classic on TV this time of year. Of course everyone enjoys it. It got me thinking about what we do in international dating. Perhaps it is a stretch, but let’s ponder a fantasy.

The original tale concerns Scrooge who finds himself in a strange dream where everything he has come to know and believe is turned upside down until he has an epiphany concerning his character and how he lives his life going forward.

Please bear with me as I attempt to do the same for you!

I would like you to imagine a totally different America to set the stage. You are now a great looking guy in your twenties. You dress well and only want to find a special lady to love. However, you have a problem. The US census (which counts a few more males than females in 2010) is quite the extreme. There are far more guys just like yourself than available women.

Stay with me, now. This is fun.

The ladies can afford to be very selective; don’t have to be concerned about their behavior, fidelity or even their appearance. They are running the show! The competition among all the good looking guys you know is fierce! Although you have a heart of gold and only want to find love, some of your brothers are less than honorable and only want to take advantage (more on this in a moment). You see, if you are lucky to have a job, you only earn $300 a month and live in a small apartment with other family members. You don’t have a car. You work 12 – 14 hours a day, six days a week, even though you are well educated and may be a teacher or doctor! Yikes! (Are you still with me?)

Now, here comes the interesting part that will tax your imagination. Even though things are very bleak here in the US, there are several countries overseas where things are very different. Let’s give one a name – Amazonia. Here, although the gender ratio is roughly equal, the women can’t really find what they are looking for. Oh, their economy is much better than ours. Not all of them are wealthy, but they can afford to travel and have cars, decent jobs and homes.

Although they have good hearts and intentions, they are not necessarily the most attractive women in the world. Usually they are a bit older and may have a bit of weight, etc. I think you see where I am headed.

Now, because of this disparity, agencies in Amazonia offer to send these ladies here where there are thousands of very attractive, younger guys willing to relocate and marry the right lady although she may not be their dream date. OK, I realize this is tough to imagine, but let’s cut to the chase.

Now these ladies can write to you and many do although few of them will actually come here to meet you. A social is held in your city perhaps once or twice a year where twenty or so of them actually come to meet you and your brothers. The problem is that 250 of you show up and everyone looks great. You are just one of the crowd.

You are really hoping to meet a great gal and get something started, but the odds are against you. Perhaps you have been to these socials before and gone home without even speaking to anyone. On the other hand, maybe a very nice lady invites you out for a bite and you have a great time.

OK, I have probably taken this as far as I can, but you see what I mean. Before you go on a romance tour (which is the only way you will ever meet one of the 45,000 AFA ladies), try to put yourself in their shoes. How do you think they feel? What do they think of us? How should you behave? Bud Patterson and the other AFA staff go to great lengths to give you their best advice.

Here comes 2013. What will you do with this year? Will you still be sitting on your couch next New Year’s writing dozens of letters to ladies you will never travel to meet? Or will you “seize the day” and book a tour to change your life. I really hope that it is the latter. It’s up to you. We are all responsible for our own happiness. It takes courage, research and good intentions to succeed.

Just be thankful that my little Christmas fantasy was just that – a fantasy. We are blessed that we can travel to many countries where the situation is the reverse.

Happy holidays, everyone. I hope to see you on a tour soon.